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  • It is quick and easy to apply with a short application process.

  • safe to use.

  • There is no need for demolition, the removal of your current floors, as it is applied directly to these surfaces.

  • It has a low water demand.

  • It offers long term durability.

  • It is low maintenance and uses no grouting.

  • It is completely customizable in terms of color, texture and pattern, so it can produce the exact look you are after.

  • It can be used indoors and outdoors both on walls and flooring.


Micro-topping is a cement–based resurfacing coating that can be applied quickly and easily to indoor and outdoor concrete tiles and flooring, as well as walls. It fixes directly to the underlying concrete, giving you a highly durable result that enhances old and new surfaces. This makes it ideal for quick and easy renovations from poolside and patio areas to indoor spaces.


color range for micro topping 

System Details

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