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Stamping concrete with different patterns that result in hyper-realism of the end product that mimics the actual material, this method is implemented because of its high durability and the ability to withstand the changing weather and different factors without fading or changing throughout the time. Stamped concrete will achieve the desired atmosphere and adds value to the property at a lower cost. Stamped patterns include limestone, bricks, and wood.

Stamped Concrete

1- Pattern and Color Options: Since the concrete is poured on-site, it's amenable to many different customizing options. The concrete can be colored to match the exterior of your home, a pool, existing concrete, or anything else. In this way, you can make a new patio look like it's been a part of your landscaping design all along. Also, concrete can be stamped in virtually any pattern, giving you limitless design options.

2. Excellent Performance and Longevity. A stamped concrete patio will serve you well for many years. It won't sink unevenly like some types of patios, and it will hold up to heavy traffic, patio furniture, and the demands of children and pets. If you're looking for a patio that will perform well without any hassles, a stamped concrete patio might be the right solution for you.


3. Quick Installation. A stamped concrete patio is one of the fastest types of patios to install. It's much quicker to install than natural stone or paver patios because it goes down like a slab and requires less labor. Your back yard will be out of commission for less time, and you can get your life back to normal very quickly.

4. Low Maintenance. If you like to keep your home maintenance to a minimum, use stamped concrete for your patio. Although stamped concrete looks luxurious, its only maintenance requirement is that it be resealed once every other year. Resealing your patio will keep it from becoming chipped or cracked, and it will also help to preserve its color. Other than resealing, just sweep it to keep it free from debris and dirt.


5. Affordable. Stamped concrete is much less expensive than many other patio surface options. Because it doesn't require as much installation labor as natural stone or pavers, the overall cost is less. The concrete itself is also less expensive than many other patio surface materials.



1. Subgrade Preparation

2. Placing the Forms

3. Installing Reinforcement

4. Placing the Concrete

5. Screeding and Finishing the Concrete

6. Applying Color

7. The Stamping Process

8. Curing Stamped Concrete

9. Installing Joints

10. Sealing Stamped Concrete


system detail

system detail stamp.png

1. Sealer Coat

2. Stamped Concrete with Color Hardener 

3. High Strength Concrete

4. Steel Mesh

5. Polythene Sheet 1000G

6. Compacted Sub-grade


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